• Nadine Woodward


October, 9, 2019

Today, Spokane Mayor David Condon announced his endorsement of Nadine Woodward in her candidacy for Spokane Mayor.

“Nadine is a collaborator who can work across the entire political spectrum to get things done. A divided city under Ben Stuckart is the last thing Spokane needs,” said Mayor Condon. “We have made a lot of progress around public safety the past eight years. I think Nadine can take us even further to make Spokane the city it should be. She is the only candidate who can get us there without breaking the bank, and I look forward to helping her transition when she becomes mayor.”

The need for increased public safety has been the foundation of Woodward’s campaign. She has

focused on increasing police presence, especially downtown, encouraging responsible economic development and working to reduce Spokane’s homeless population through effective compassion. Woodward’s platform also focuses on greater collaboration with county and regional partners, whose challenges often mirror the City’s.

On news of the endorsement, Woodward said, "Mayor Condon has been a wonderful public servant and has given our next mayor a special gift: A city on solid financial footing. When he took office eight years ago, Spokane was in the red. Eight years later, we have balanced our budget, revitalized Riverfront Park and made our river cleaner than ever. I welcome David's endorsement and look forward to building upon his legacy for the citizens of Spokane."


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