• Nadine Woodward

Nadine Woodward to Run for Spokane Mayor

It is amazing to see what we have become and to imagine what the future holds.

Those of you who know me and who have watched me over the years, know how much I love Spokane.

I came here nearly 30 years ago to continue my career as a broadcast journalist. It’s here where my husband Bruce and I raised our two children, Connor and Coley, who are here today, along with my future daughter in law Theresa. It’s where we’ve made life-long friends, have been active in the community and where we own a small video production company.

Spokane’s future is our future.

Today, I see a city government that has made real progress. Bringing more

accountability to our outstanding Spokane Police Department, starting the long process of repairing our streets and investing in storm water projects that keep our river – our most important natural resource – clean.

At the same time, city hall has been bogged down with bickering and

charges of employee bullying.

Instead of solutions, we get political posturing and grandstanding … we get second-hand ideas copied from somewhere else … to regulate oil trains, ignore federal laws, dictate energy use, and adopt open-door policies for our city buildings that just don’t work.

We are not California, we are not Seattle, we’re Spokane, and we’re proud of it. With dedicated, trusted and transparent leadership, Spokane will not only define but solve our own issues.

Spokane deserves better, a lot better! That’s why I’m running for mayor.

Over the years, I’ve gotten a close-up view of the real challenges confronting us.

First, the need to attract more start up and new businesses. And to help existing businesses flourish and grow. We need a vibrant and safe downtown, and secure neighborhoods. Property crime and auto theft have been unacceptably high for too long.

And we must do more to protect the most vulnerable, and help those who are suffering …

Homelessness, drug addiction, and poverty.

These are issues that cannot be ignored and demand our compassion.

I believe it’s going to take all of us together to find and enact policies to effectively combat the challenges facing Spokane.

I intend to take a hard look at our ethics and employment standards to protect

city employees-especially women-from bullying and harassment.

We need a change in leadership. What’s the use of a good idea if you’re so caught up in fighting, or you’re so abrasive, that you can’t build the consensus to make it happen? Let’s free up our city employees to do the great work they’re trying to do, serving our taxpayers without having to deal with negativity and conflict.

45 years ago King Cole looked at Spokane and said ‘we can be something greater’. We need to harness that vision again today!”

Over these past weeks, I’ve been inspired by the discussions I’ve had with business leaders and people who are driving remarkable innovation and investment in Spokane.

Businesseslike Rover dot com, Medcurity and (pending)

We need to celebrate and learn from their experiences and successes.

All of us, working together, will make Spokane’s future brighter, more prosperous,

and safer.

Consensus-building will lead to “Spokane Solutions” that work.

And Leadership that is committed, focused and effective will make a difference.

And, finally, an important part of the Mayor’s job is to not only work for sound fiscal

policies, but to be a communicator, a listener and above all, an advocate for Spokane -- A MAYOR WHO WILL NEVER EMBARRASS our city!

This isn’t just a campaign, it’s a COALITION that will seek “Spokane Solutions” to our shared issues.

There will be no challenges that we are afraid to confront, no voices that we will not hear and no real solutions that we will reject. That’s why I’m running for Mayor.

Come and join our COALITION, be an active part of our Spokane movement. (pause)

Thank you everyone, for your interest, support and prayers.

Now----let’s get to work!!!!

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